"We specialize in the production of vintage Army- and Work wear from the 1930s to the 1950s with carefully selected materials and with the highest degree of attention to details. Our garments are unique in appearance as well as superior in comfort and durability."


"Established in 1997, Stop Staring is the leader of original retro chic dresses and separates that flatter the figure and cater to a woman's independent spirit with timeless and classic styles at consistently affordable prices."


"RUMBLE 59 besinnt sich auf rauhe Zeiten - als sich illegale Schnapsbrenner wilde Rennen mit Hillbilly-Cops geliefert haben, Rockabilly-Strassengangs sich um Little Italy rauften und die ersten Rock'n'Roll-Stars auf der Bildfläche erschienen. RUMBLE 59 riecht nach Benzin und Selbstgebranntem, nach verrauchten Hinterzimmern und nach schweren Jungs und leichten Mädchen. RUMBLE 59 ist echt, kommt ohne Schnickschnack aus und so direkt zum Ziel wie ein '32er Ford-V8. Ideal nicht nur für die heimische Hotrod-Werkstatt, sondern ebenso für den harten Alltagseinsatz und wilde Partynächte."


About Mischief Made

Pinup, tattoo and novelty vintage-inspired styles from the ’40s,’50s and ‘60s for all you mischief makers.
​ From Tokyo to California to wherever you are around the world,
​ I want to bring Mischief Made to you.




Bettie Page Clothing

Famous in the 1950's for her fetish modeling and pin-up photos, Bettie Page, the iconic “Queen of Pinups" continues to captivate millions around the world with her youthful image, voluptuous figure, and signature jet black hair with short-cut bangs. Page's persona inspired the creation of Bettie Page Clothing and was launched in 2007 by Russian-born fashion designer, Tatyana Khomyakova. Bettie Page Clothing is a unique and feminine clothing line that lends a hand to women of all shapes and sizes, helping them embrace their own body. Bettie Page creates a retro look for modern women, which is sexy yet modest at the same time. Sizes run from 0-18 and are designed to hit women at their smallest point, enhancing every woman’s true hourglass figure.

Whether you’re heading to the office or a night on the town, these dresses make a statement for women of all ages.


"George Dickie (born 1926 in Palmetto, Florida) is a Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at University of Illinois at Chicago and is an influential philosopher of art working in the analytical tradition. His institutional theory of art inspired both supporters who produced variations on the theory as well as detractors."

Emmy Design

Emmy is a Swedish brand who stands for feminine, well-fitted garments that embrace and enhance the female shape – just like in the good old days!

Right from the first sketch we design to suit all body types and ages, and our target customer group is women of ages between 17 and 70! Since we want everybody to be able to feel gorgeous in an emmy-piece our size range stretches from size 6 to 24 (UK sizes).

emmy does not follow trends but prefers to develop slowly within its own retro based style, and celebrate every woman’s unique beauty through timeless design. Nothing makes us happier than customers who return to our design simply because they have found well fitted favorites among our collections. By focusing on beauty and quality that last for years we also help slowing down the pace of the fashion industry, reduce needless mass production and thus, help protecting the environment.

Vive Maria

Fall in love with sugary sweet details, glamorous applications and fancy cuttings.

Emily and Fin

Emily and Fin wird in London entworfen und entwickelt. Es wird grosse Aufmerksamkeit auf die Passform und Qualität jedes Kleidungsstücks gelegt. Die Kollektionen sind von  der Vergangenheit inspiriert, jedoch modern umgesetzt.

Die Kollektionen begeistern durch einzigartige Schönheit in jeder Saison, eine Kombination aus Originaldrucken und durchdachtem Design.


Glamour Bunny

Retro inspired dresses guaranteed to turn heads!
To emphasise the beauty of the woman wearing the dress, not to disguise or hide her.
Glamour Bunny was created in response to the growing interest in retro styling. Although this is still very much a niche market, the simple sophisticated design of it's dresses allows them to sit comfortably alongside modern fashions without looking out of place.


"K.O.I stands for Kings Of Indigo, making jeans with a great fit and a conscience. K.O.I. is a Japanese carp, a century old sign representing luck, love and perseverance. K.O.I. mixes American authentic heritage with a fresh Japanese eye for detail and quality."

Collectif Clothing

Established in the year 2000, Collectif is an independent 1940s and 1950s inspired vintage reproduction brand based in London. We create garments and accessories that are inspired by genuine vintage patterns, knitting patterns, and fabrics from our extensive archive. 

Heartbreaker Fashion

Heartbreaker Fashion offers great items like Swing Dresses, Sexy Wiggle Dresses and classy Mod and Mid-Century styles. Our items are inspired by 50's and 60's fashion, pinup girls, rockabilly and vintage fashion culture. Orders may take 7-10 business days to complete.

Steinstrasse 50 * 8003 Zürich * info@dardycandycat.ch * Mi-Fr 12:00 - 18:30 * Sa 10:00 - 17:00 * 043 333 21 58